French teacher Djibril Coulibaly will be released by ICE

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The former CODOFIL teacher and Louisiana resident of 19 years will rejoin his family and avoid deportation for the time being.

(Coulibaly family photo)

(Une version francophone de l'article est disponible icitte.)

In an email Wednesday afternoon, Djibril Coulibaly's lawyer, law professor Hiroko Kusuda confirmed that her client will soon be released from detention according to an official from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

After 19 years in Louisiana, Mr. Coulibaly had been detained by ICE in recent days as a result of visa problems that date back to his time as an immersion teacher in Saint Landry Parish where the School Board did not request the necessary renewal of his immigration status.

This decision comes after a notable mobilization of the French-speaking and educational communities of Louisiana.

Pointing to his role in the community, the executive director of CODOFIL Peggy Feehan had noted: "Although Mr. Coulibaly technically is no longer a CODOFIL teacher, he's part of our larger family, and it's sad for him to be in a situation of this nature. We hope there will be for a resolution for him, his family, and his school community."

This article will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

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